What To Expect

From this raw, heart-wrenching, and life changing full-length documentary you can expect:

  • The origins of the project: how a simple story turned into a massive movement of hope.
  • A collection of raw footage: we will explore stories from all walks of life that expose their most vulnerable moments and show their journey through adversity.
  • A visit to the University Scholars Leadership Symposium: a convention partnered with the United Nations that gathers over 1,000 students from over 70 different countries to train them about human rights issues that are plaguing our world today (human trafficking, child forced labor, women’s rights). As part of the conference, we will actually go on the ground and aid communities in need at the host location of the conference.
  • Performances by the musical talents of Texas A&M University!


If $300,000 is reached, we will include:

  • Interviews with experts on resilience and grit.
  • Special guest stars Mo Isom, Austin Eubanks, and more!
  • Global impact with possible interviews from Haiti, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Israel, and more!
  • More stops across the U.S.!


Our focus is to create for you. To showcase incredible stories to inspire and move you. Please help us complete our mission.

Our Reach Goals

Cultivating Hope Through Stories of Resilience

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The Grit Factor © 2019. All Rights Reserved.