The Grit Factor | Team Update

What a semester. It is hard to believe that it is quickly coming to a close. Before we head into the summer, we thought it would be best to give a brief update on what’s happening with The Grit Factor and what our team has been up to.

All Hands on Deck

Before the launch party, it was all hands on deck. Every one of us had banded together to take on new duties, challenge our skills, and collaborate with team members from other areas. The Kickstarter launched and the team focused all of our energy on reaching out to donors, creating content and connecting with the community to garner support. Several of our teammates hosted informational booths at a downtown event in our local community and the video and photography team worked together to create a few promotional videos for use. The communication team worked on social media marketing, and our finance group led the way in organizing sponsorships, budgeting, and donor gifts.

The Grit Factor Takes the Stage

A few week’s into the Kickstarter campaign, The Grit Factor got its big break on stage at The Borlaug Institute’s Seminar Series. Our Founder and Chief Imagineer, Kathryn Edmunds, a fellow teammate, and a few of our champions spoke on behalf of our group’s mission and goals for the future. We are so thankful to The Borlaug Institute and all involved for allowing us the opportunity to speak under such a platform. It was an amazing afternoon.

Turning a Page

Despite our efforts, the Kickstarter came and went and we didn’t reach our goal. After all the hard work that went into preparing for the Kickstarter, the team was a little burnt out. With school and life closing in, we knew it would be best to allow our team to take a few steps away from the project for a while and rejuvenate. Not allowing ourselves to feel defeated, we viewed this obstacle as the turning of a page. Now, with a week or two of downtime under our belts, we have reconnected and assumed our original roles. We’re all about collaboration and we loved the challenge, but this way, everyone in The Grit Factor is able to fully exercise the unique skills and abilities they bring to the table.

Summer Plans

Our team is dedicated to ending the semester strong. As we hold the last team meeting of the semester, we’re reflecting on what we’ve learned and heading into summer with a detailed plan of action. Some of our team will be graduating and moving on to do great things. Others will be traveling around the world doing research and mission work. Some are headed back home to work, and others will be staying in town to take classes. We may be shrinking in size, but our heart for each other and this project continue to grow.

Those of us that are staying in the area will continue to meet and create content. We realize that some of the most sacred stories are right here in our corner of the world and we intend to reach out and lend a listening ear. We’re humbled by this opportunity and grateful for the journey. So stay tuned, because The Grit Factor is in for one wild ride.

To all who continue to believe in this team and support our cause, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

In hope –

The Grit Factor Team

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